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Alden’s Seasonings

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Michigan made, Alden’s Seasonings have no MSG and include Kosher Salt as one of their key ingredients. 

  • Big Dave’s Burger & Steak Seasoning is just that, sprinkle on burgers or other meats for grilling or cooking.  Makes a great tenderizer and enhances the flavor of meats.
  • Char Broil is the greatest char flavor on the grill or in the house. It offers a light smoked seasoning.  Great on beef, chicken, pork, salmon and even potatoes.  The longer it sits, the better the flavor!
  • Miracle Blend replaces your salt.  This is an all-purpose seasoning, perfect on meats, salads, vegetables, soups, seafoods, and anything else you would use salt on.  Use sparingly until you get the perfect flavor you are looking for (you can always add more but you can’t take it out).  Miracle blend has been used in some of America’s most famous clubs and restaurants.
  • Pork & Poultry can be sprinkled or rubbed on turkey, chicken, pork, veal or lamb.  This seasoning is also great on vegetables, cottage cheese, fried potatoes and more.
  • Steak & Fish is a great seasoning for steak, fish, pork chops and can even be used for grilled sweet potatoes, use your imagination.


Due to demand, certain flavors and/or sizes may possibly be out of stock and may take longer to come in. 

Additional spices are offered in store, call store for information on a particular seasoning, (231) 799-9333.

2 reviews for Alden’s Seasonings

  1. Tom Graham

    Best seasoning on the market. I buy one of ever flavor a store has in stock

  2. Ashley

    This seasoning is definitely a miracle blend of herbs and spices! The absolute best mixed seasoning blend I have ever tried in my whole life. I am not exaggerating. The absolute best!!! On oh so many dishes. Best!!!! ❤️

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